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ITCH.IO BUNDLE - Babysitter Bloodbath - Review.

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

By Dag Härdfeldt.

Babysitter bloodbath is an atmospheric throwback to early computer horrorgames, such as Alone in the Dark and Ecstatica. The camera angles are fixed, the characters models are low-poly, and the controls are tank-like. The game is also oozing in style - draped in a wonderful 80´s VHS horror movie style, complete with VHS-like filters and everything. The atmosphere and aesthetic is definitely the main draw of the game, as the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. There is no sense of direction in the beginning, you are just stumbling around trying to trigger an event, randomly searching the house for something. 20minutes in, i got glitched into the fridge and couldn´t return, and gave up. All in all though, those 20 minutes were very rewarding and enjoyable - you should definitely give this a go, just don´t expect a masterpiece. Art 10/10 Music 7/10 Gameplay 3/10 TOTAL 5/10