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ITCH.IO BUNDLE - Democratic Socialism Simulator - Review

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

By Pan Härdfeldt.

A game of shuffling meaningless cards....this game is crap. The setting is tiresome, the music horrible and it's simplistic manner is just utterly lame. The game itself forces you to chose from either a left or right card. By doing so, you are supposed to shape the politics of the country. By constantly checking certain parameters such as emissions, popularity and support from the congress you navigate through elections. After circus 5 minutes I stopped reading the cards, and just checked the parameters and not risking tipping them too much. And soon it became boring and shallow. In the end it almost made me sick. The horrible music combined with the bad graphics made my stomach turn. Stay away from this strange heap of turd.

Music: 2/10

Art :2/10

Gameplay: 1/10

Total: 2/10