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ITCH.IO BUNDLE - Fugue in Void - Review

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

By Dag Härdfeldt:

Fugue in void is a frustrating experience. For the first 5 minutes, i couldn´t figure out if the game was bugged, if my graphic cards was acting up - or if i hadn´t figured out the controls. I had to tab out of the game, and double check on google - to realise that yes, the first 10minutes of the game is just an abstract cutscene. It doesn´t indicate it is a cutscene, and the graphics are so abstract, that it´s easy to mistake what is happening on the screen for a glitch. So ugh, it didn´t give the best first impression. When you actually gain some control, it turns out to be an abstract walkingsimulator. By this point, the game actually showed some promise - dropping the player into a very atmospheric level, with a roaring black sea surrounding you, and a gigantic building looming in the distance. After entering the building though, the real frustration kicks in. See, the problem with Fugue in Void is that it can´t seem to make up it´s mind what it want´s to be. It does, in some areas, boast some incredible creative and artistic visuals, that completely absorbs you. But on the other hand, it also contains long stretches of incredible boring walkpaths, in grey industrical complexes - with absurdly boring switch "puzzles". And then the game kind of just, gives up on that idea and turns into a series of vinjettes showing off some cool visuals. And everything is so arbitrary in these vinjettes, in some you can run, in some you can hover over holes, in some you fall, in some you can´t run, in some looking around is painfully slow. And there is nothing in the end making it worthwhile. So, to sum it up - Fugue in Void is a couple of gold nuggets in artistic atmosphere and geometry, wrapped into a tedious shell of a walking simulator. I just wanted it to end. And i wouldn´t play through the 35min it took me to complete it again, even if someone gave me 150£ for it. Art 8/10 Music 5/10 Gameplay 0/10 TOTAL 2/10